e-Nile Email Security Alert - Feb 2015

e-Nile Email Security Alert - Feb 2015

Tips To Keep Your Email Hacker-Free!

Author: SuperUser Account/Tuesday, February 24, 2015/Categories: News

During the last 2 months our team noticed increase in the spam emails and hacking attempts to the email accounts and therefore we will send email security updates and tips on how to protect your email from hacking. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about your email or website security.

Please be aware that we are not sending any emails to tell you that your email space is full or your email will be deactivated and you have to click on any link to solve this issue, this is another spam email.
 Please avoid opening any emails with topics like "Purchase Order" even if it is coming from someone you know or working with, You should call this person to confirm that he sent this email to you. You will find a company name and contact details and this company might be even in Egypt and all of this to make you believe that this is not a spam email and to click on the link.

1- Use different passwords for each site !

If you use the same password for multiple web sites, then the probability of that password being compromised increases dramatically.  Furthermore, if it is compromised, the attacker then has automatic access to all of the places that you use that password.

Make sure that the password used for access to your email is different from all of your other passwords.

2- Use strong passwords

Strong passwords are hard to guess.  These days, it is easy for a computer to try millions or 100s of millions of possible passwords in a very short time.  So, if your password is based on a word in the dictionary with a few permutations, such as “Appl3″ … that could be easily discovered.

Instead, pick complicated passwords that doesn't include your company name, the password should be at least 12 characters and can be comprised of multiple words and numbers or symbols. You can use this site to create complicated passwords http://passwordsgenerator.net/

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about your email or website security.

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